Upcoming Community of Practice Sessions

Community of Practice (CoP) is a new initiative for early-career movement artists developed by Culturebot with the support of Alison Fleminger & University Settlement to open up space, time, and discourse surrounding dance.

An initial seed for this was planted by original instigator of all things Culturebot, Andy Horwitz, in a short post following a Project Audience event of the same name. The phrase has roots in cognitive anthropology and has gained traction in the tech world. The leap into how this model allows for new ways of thinking and doing as young dance practitioners has been enticing and elucidating. 

Photo of Katie Dean and Heather Robinson, courtesy of the artists

Photo of Katie Dean and Heather Robinson, courtesy of the artists.

In a series of in-person events with artists of diverse generations and experience levels, participants will engage in a physical practice that is meant to feed into a discursive practice and vice versa. Dance and the extensions of what it can do and be — through writing, talking, blogging, journaling, thinking, doing, making — often exist as separate actions, in separate contexts. CoP is attempting an approach towards erasing these distinctions and cultivating a platform for artist exchange on many levels — physically, intellectually, discursively, etc.

CoP is an artist-driven, peer-supported space for dance practitioners to expand their thinking by moving first into what is most familiar: a kinesthetic approach. The format of each session is guided both by the leader and practitioners, with time to move, talk, listen and write. Portions of what develops during these independent sessions will become published content on Culturebot, as a platform for us to develop our practice and widen the conversation.

Past session leaders include Jennifer Rosenblit, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Marissa Perel, Jennifer Monson, Kimberly Bartosik.

All sessions are free and open to the public. Upcoming sessions will take place at Speyer Hall at University Settlement on January 23 with Maura Donohue (RSVP on Facebook here) and February 20 with Michelle Boulé. The third session of this second season will take place on March 19, with lead practitioner TBD.

— Co-Organizers, Tara Sheena and Lydia Mokdessi

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