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How Do You Feel?

In THE POWER OF EMOTION: THE APARTMENT, the notion of emotion as a perfomative element provides the foundation for a wider exploration on how we not only watch, but hear and interpret emotion.

Shifting from Neutral: An Affectful Manifesto

Neutral means without affect or action. It also has come to mean non-acting. I think it means normative. Authentic means true, and without filter. It has come to mean felt. I think it means normative. Real means not artificial. It has come to mean believable.

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Tele-Violet’s “Lady Han” at Incubator Arts Project

Tele-Violet’s Lady Han, which refracts the 15th century Noh drama through the goggles of an Americana fever dream, premiered at Incubator Arts Project this month. The emerging NYC theater company, led by stage director Katherine Brook, uses the classical Japanese text, Zeami in Royall Tyler’s translation, as a structure of longing for