Who’s Going To Review The Reviewers?

Charles Isherwood, the New York Times critic bloggers love to hate, will be taking part in a reading of Androcles and the Lion at the Player’s Club on April 23rd as part of the successful Project Shaw.  The conceit is that the Christians being fed to the lions will all be played by reviewers and columnists, including talking head Michael Musto and good ol’ Rex Reed, who  certainly has an, um, flair for the theatrical.  But what of the  New York Post’s  Michael Riedel, who says “Feeding critics and columnists to the lions. Cute. But just watch us act circles around the professionals!” 

We expect a worthy appraisal of that claim on the blogs after the event. 

A full cast list after the jump

Host — Brendan Lemon
Narrator — Roma Torre
Lion — Bruce Vilanch
Megaera — Raven Snook
Androcles — Seth Rudetsky
Centurion — Jeremy Mccarter
Lavinia — Alexis Soloski
Captain — Charles Isherwood
Lentulus — Michael Musto
Metellus — Adam Feldman
Spintho — Michael Riedel
Ferrovius — Howard Kissel
The Royal Ox Driver — David Finkle
Retiarius- Gladiator — Eric Grode
Secutor- Gladiator — Frank Scheck
The Call-boy — Patrick Pacheco
The Editor — David Cote
The Menagerie Keeper — Michael Schulman
Caesar — Rex Reed

For tickets call 212-352-3101 or visit the site.

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