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We receive a slew of press releases and pitches in the Culturebot inbox (when we remember to check) which are greeted with varying amounts of enthusiasm, dismay or indifference, depending on which editor remembered to fetch the email. Occasionally, we even end up writing about said shows. This particular missive was so polite–and the subject matter of the show so intriguing (maybe?)– we went ahead and ran with it.

Dear Sirs, [3/5ths of the Editorial staff is female. For the record]

The purpose of this email is to introduce you to the show REGURGITOPHAGY, written and performed by the brazilian artist Michel Melamed (in it`s english version).

Sincerely yours,

Michel Melamed

Ps.: I’m going to New York for the Director’s Lab at Lincoln Center, from June 4th to 23rd 2007.

I know you’re already asking yourselves, what, pray tell, is Regurgitophagy? The full release, after the jump.

REGURGITOPHAGY by Michel Melamed

Having opened in April 2004 in Rio de Janeiro, the show REGURGITOPHAGY had its run carried over several times, reaching a total run of 18 months in Brazil’s main cities, becoming a box office and critical success.

And so, hailed as a renewal of contemporary theatrical language and as an extreme criticism of society in this new century, the first part of the BRAZILIAN TRILOGY by Michel Melamed – made up exclusively by monologues: Regurgitophagy, Free Money and MusicMan -, has been presented in São Paulo, New York City, Paris, Berlin, Koblenz, etc.

Synopsis of the Show

The result of a RIOARTE research grant in the “Art and Technology” segment, Michel Melamed combines several kinds of expression, making use of the integration of languages (experimental theater, spoken poetry, stand-up comedy, performance, and visual arts), exclusively through fragments of his own writings and an interface called “Pau-de-Arara”: every reaction from the audience (laughter, applause, coughs, etc.) is captured by microphones that transform them into electric shocks applied to the body of the actor/author.

“intelligent, painful, scary and many times funny” O Globo

“the brilliant reasoning electrifies the spectator” Folha de S. Paulo

“thoroughly innovational techniques” Jornal do Brasil

“devastating critical impulse” Bravo

“makes the audience exercise their neurons” Isto é

“full of humor and intelligence” O Estado de S. Paulo

“with the brilliant vigor of Michel Melamed’s acting” Cult Etc.

Regurgitophagy in NY and Paris:

Regurgitate: to expel, to cast out that which in a cavity is in excess, especially in the stomach).

Phagy: to eat.

In1922, the Week of Modern Art took place in Brazil, a kind of Armory Show that changed the course of national culture. Until then, Brazillian cultural productions were almost exclusively based on the importation of European schools. In 1928, the writer Oswald de Andrade published the Anthropophagist Manifesto: based on a scene that had actually taken place, where Bishop Sardinha, a colonizing bishop was eaten by Brazilian cannibal Indians. Oswald proposed that, like the Indians, Brazilians swallow the European vanguards, combining them with our own traditions and references in order to create a genuinely Brazilian art.

But today, we continue to swallow the vanguards or have all sorts of information, concepts, products… been stuffed down our throats? In short, what to do with the impossibility of assimilation, the state of acceleration, the excessive information syndrome (dataholics), the millions of visual, auditory, daily stimulations, which increase in a rhythm diametrically opposed to reflection?

Regurgitophagy: to ‘throw up’ the excess in order to evaluate what we actually want to swallow again. The de-objectification of man via his critical conscience (…) www.michelmelamed.com or www.michelmelamed.com.br


Featuring Michel Melamed

Conceived and Written Michel Melamed

Direction Alessandra Colasanti, Marco Abujamra and Michel Melamed

Interface Alexandre Boratto/ AVLtech

Costume Design Luiza Marcier

Music Lucas Marcier and Rodrigo Marçal/ Arpex

Graphic Design Olívia Ferreira and Pedro Garavaglia/ Radiográfico

Lighting Design Adriana Ortiz

Photos Débora 70

Produced by Bianca de Felippes and Michel Melamed

We’re going to go ahead and refer to this show by its alternate title, “I Just Threw Up In My Mouth a Little Bit.”

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