summertime blues

hi everybody – just a quick note, an apology, for the paucity of updates. the  midsummer blahs have set in and though there is an impressive amount of theater going on around town, your humble editor has hit the wall. we have been hearing great things about Ice Factory shows and SPF as well as other random goings-on that sound cool.

we even got our promo pack in the mail from the FringeNYC – a bundle of hundreds of postcards hyping this year’s crop of fringe-tastic offerings such as “Tumor Humor” and “Wanzie’s Ladies of Eola Heights” – billed as “Orlando’s Smash-Hit Cross-dressing comedy with full drama.”

Actually I know very little about what will be at fringeNYC. but i can recommend Bucharest Calling, presented by the Romanian company Monday Theater at the Green Hours. we saw it this past winter at a showing at the Romanian Cultural Center and it was cool.

Unfortunately this year we are not going to Edinburgh, either. So to those of you who are en route – have a great festival! for those of you who are staying in NYC – let’s make the best of it!

I’ll try and write more soon.

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