Glitter, doom and Iphigenia

I think Iphigenia 2.0 at the Signature is still in previews. Not sure. Would like to read the script so I can compare what I saw to what I was supposed to see.

Now let me begin by saying that I haven’t been feeling well. For about 5 weeks I was working two, count ’em two, full-time jobs (hence the lack of posts) and my body is still reeling from the punishment. I’m not a young man anymore. Plus I got a world of pressures coming down on me, you don’t have to worry your pretty little heads about it, but Uncle Andy has got some pressures. And I guess, ultimately, I’m hungry for something more than tits and glitter. As should the whole city be, I reckon, hungry for more than tits & glitter.

We need more people to tell the fucking truth and tell it well. Which is why I was so disappointed with Iphigenia 2.0. It started out really strong, Chuck Mee ripping it up with some amazing “Speaking Truth to Power” writing about leadership, war, manliness, sacrifice, soldiering. It was great. And then the whole thing just kind of fell apart. I don’t know whether it was the dance numbers or whether it was Kate Mulgrew chewing up the scenery (it was like she was in a totally different play, completely incongruous) but the center did not hold. What started out as a beautifully written trenchant commentary on war and responsibility ended up in a foggy mess. Kind of like war itself. When the cast came up for the curtain call, they all looked perplexed and a little bit lost.

It is weird. I enjoyed the show, actually. It was taut – about 1.5 hours with no intermission – and it was never boring. The cast was dedicated and performed well. the set was cool as was the sound design. All in all, it was not bad – It just kind of fell apart, that’s all. And I expected more.

Maybe someone out there knows the script better and can tell me what I missed. leave a comment.

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