Conversaciones sobre teatro

Instituto Cervantes New York & Martin E. Segal Theatre Center have the pleasure of inviting you to: “Conversaciones sobre teatro / Conversations About Theater” with Rodrigo García, Argentinian theater director and writer based in Spain and one of the most important authors of the contemporary theater scene – in conversation with Frank Hentschker & Bertie Ferdman.


6:00 p.m. Auditorio/Auditorium
Instituto Cervantes
211-215 East 49th Street

Español – Inglés. Entrada libre / Spanish – English. Free admission.

And a Performance:

Accidens (Matar para comer) /Accidens, (Kill to Eat)
A silent play. Written and directed by Rodrigo García and performed by Juan Loriente.

6:30 p.m. Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, CUNY. Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Av.

Free admission.

For further information see:

Rodrigo García, born 1964 in Argentina and currently living in Spain since 1986, is not only “the author of texts that burst like bombs;” he is also a videographer, performer, and director. An atypical artist, he combines in his performances elements from the past and from contemporary popular culture. Together with his company La Carnicería Teatro (The Butcher Theatre), which he founded in 1989, Garcia develops a complex and astonishing theatrical language where bodies in motion trace the new rituals of the everyday. Garcia’s great strength is in the work’s integrity and in its ability to passionately stir the ideas and emotions moving the young generation, who wholeheartedly appreciates his corrosive and intelligent shows. Among his influences he counts artists such as Jenny Holzer, Bruce Naumann, Bill Viola, Sol Lewitt, Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, Fernando Arrabal, and Peter Handke, as well as Heiner Müller and Thomas Bernhard. Rodrigo García’s productions have been featured, among others, at: Festival Avignon, Teatro per la musica di Roma, Festival de Salamanca, Teatro Nacional de Bretagne, Teatro Nacional de Annecy, Comédie de Valencia, Sitges Festival Nacional, Théâtre de la Ville-Paris, and Chaillot. His works have been translated to English, French, Italian, Finnish, Danish, and Polish.

ACCIDENS is a performance lasting 25 minutes without words. La Carnicería Teatro proposes one action, cruel and heart-rending, that is simply a reflection of our own reality. Rodrigo García writes: “Normally, things come already dead. You go to the supermarket and they give you everything dead. … One has to have a lot of imagination—and I lack it—to tremble in the face of death while opening a can of meatballs at home in the kitchen.”

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