Chekhov Lizardbrain

Went to see Pig Iron‘s Chekhov Lizardbrain tonight and I’m glad I did. It is not officially open yet so I guess it is not appropriate to do a full-fledged review. But if you haven’t bought tickets yet, you should. I imagine it will sell out. It is thoughtful, intelligent, surreal, well-acted and engaging. The show slips seamlessly between the fanciful and the realistic, moving from the interior life of a deeply awkward and isolated protagonist – Dmitri – and the kitchen-sink drama of three sibling forced to sell their house. It jumps back and forth in time, between interior and exterior worlds, it is carefully and meticulous crafted; not a single wasted moment or gesture. The actors are all trained in physical theatre and they bring an enviable level of discipline and attention to detail to their performances.

And while it is unfair to single any one actor out, I have to say that James Sugg gives what would be called in the film industry “a nomination-worthy performance” as Dmitri/Chekhov Lizardbrain.

Deftly directed by Dan Rothenberg and artfully realized by a top-notch team of designers, Chekhov Lizardbrain is a real highlight of this year’s theater season so far.

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