Dark-Eyed Junco @ Calvert Vaux Park

I won’t be able to attend but this looks interesting:

“Junco is a response to the immanent installation of six artificial turf soccer fields scheduled to begin at Calvert Vaux Park November 24 th. The renovation will significantly change the park’s natural habitat, which serves as a temporary and permanent home to a variety of birds. Junco examines the identity of the bird watcher in nature.

The play will begin in a decentralized fashion at various stations around the park that humorously “teach” people about birding- transforming the entire area into a kind of military base configuration of psychic avian awareness. The audience will then come together and use the skills they‘ve learned in an actual bird-watching tour.”

Dark-Eyed Junco, Calvert Vaux Park, Brooklyn | Nov. 22, 11 am-4pm (free)

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