Elastic City presents Pocket Virtuosity

Speaking of attention and “deep listening” and tuning in to your surroundings in a different way… check out Elastic City.

Elastic City is an arts organizations that commissions emerging and established artists to create walks in cities around the world. These walks tend to focus less on providing factual information and more on heightening our awareness, exploring our senses and making new group rituals in dialogue with public space. As part of their educational program, Elastic City now offers “ways”. “Ways” are experiential workshops that explicitly engage participants in *how* to generate poetic moments in public space through exercises, tools and techniques, whereas walks provide an opportunity to participate in a narrative series of poetic moments.

July 9th they’re presenting a new “way” by dancer/choreographer Michelle Boulé’ entitled “Pocket Virtuousity”:


What does it mean to be in one’s body? How does one’s body register and convey experience? How do we see ourselves and ask to be seen? Through simple movement scores and exercises from Michelle’s performance, teaching and bodywork practices, participants will traverse the depths of everyday movement, from the mundane to the virtuosic, to dig into, expand, and go beyond ideas of ‘self’ while moving their bodies in relationship to time, environment and each other. The group will write, move, look and laugh through this way, leaving with a platform for more questions and understanding about seeing and being in one’s body.

Come as you are, skilled or unskilled, with curiosity and willingness. This way holds 10 people.

Dates/Time: MON 07/09 7:00pm & WED 07/11 7:00pm
Starting Point: 10 Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn, NY
Duration: 100 minutes
Admission: $20.00

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