Finnish Accordion Wrestling. Seriously. Awesome.

Okay so Bill Bragin up at Lincoln Center has brought some amazing, wonderful projects to NYC for years. But this, I think, is possibly the awesomest thing ever in the history of the world and his crowning achievement, thus far: Finnish Accordion Wrestling!!! Three words you never thought you’d hear together in one delicious package.

Coming to Lincoln Center Out Of Doors August 3 & 4 @ 8:30PM. How can this not be amaze-balls!?

Check it out:

From the website:

Accordion Wrestling is a sport, theatre, dance, music performance art piece conceived by Kimmo Pohjonen. The performance, featuring Pohjonen and ten Finnish wrestlers, is a revival of Finnish wrestling tradition from early to mid-1900s where accordion was included as musical accompaniment for wrestling matches. Accordion Wrestling expands the original event into a larger performance piece that also incorporates surround sound, a custom made wrestling mat with microphones imbedded, special lighting, archive video and fotos and narration by wrestlers. Direction and choreography by Ari Numminen, light design by Mikki Kunttu and sound design by Heikki Iso-Ahola. Finnish wrestling group: Helsinki Nelson.

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