Mladinsko Theater’s “Damned Be the Traitor…” at La Mama

So if you haven’t caught it already, over here at Culturebot we’re kinda nuts for the Balkans right now. Last week we had a lengthy interview with Zvonimir Dobrovic, the curator and director of Perforacije (Perforations), a contemporary performance festival from Zagreb, Croatia, that’s currently on tour with some of its top artists to New York where they’re playing La Mama. Last weekend, I caught both solo performer Ivo Dimchev and dance-theater group BADco, both of whom were amazing, and this week I’ll be checking out Via Negativa in their two-night stint. But tonight, if you’re not boozing it up for St. Paddy’s Day (or even if you are and just need a break), check out Mladinsko Theater’s Damned Be The Traitor of His Homeland (10 p.m.; tickets $15/$10). Developed with young actors by Croatian theater provocateur Oliver Frljic, the show dives deep into Croatian socio-political ideals and tears them apart. Frljic is a notable provocateur, and this is the prime example of experimental theater Perforations has brought along, so it’s not to be missed. And yes, it, sadly, like the rest of the shows, is one night only. So make time in your busy schedule.

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