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Andy’s Week In Review(s)

Andy writes up his busy week of shows including a jazz opera called Mobro and work from Kyle Abraham, Tere O’Connor, Mini Teater Ljubljana and Martha Clarke.

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Body Madness @ Danspace Project: a rumination

A lot of great things have been said about Judy Hussie-Taylor’s Platform structures at Danspace Project. They’ve served as great mobilizers of artists as advocates, curators, and creators and as springboards for a great range of dialogues among the various audiences who attend any (or

More than Five Questions for Patricia Hoffbauer

Culturebot Contributor Maura Donohue speaks with Patricia Hoffbauer who is at Danspace Project this week on a shared program with The Adventure, in the culminating event of Trajal Harrell’s Platform “certain difficulties, certain joy.”

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Kyle Abraham at Danspace Project

Kyle Abraham is working a successful mix of dazzle and poignancy to great effect.  Last weekend, he premiered “The Radio Show” to packed houses at Danspace Project.  He’s been on my watch list since seeing his solo and group works, “Brick” and “The Dripping Kind”

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Around the World with Yoshiko Chuma

Just go. Really. I mean, you can read the rest of this post, I hope you will, but ultimately you just need to get over to Danspace Project and see Yoshiko Chuma’s Not About Romanian Cinema:POONARC because it is absolutely magical. It is running through